Joleen Jansen for Clayton County Supervisior

joleen_edited-1Dear Clayton County resident, I am running for Clayton County Supervisor and I am asking for your vote. I am campaigning on the promise of being informed and open minded. I think it is time for new county leaders with a progressive vision for the future. We need leaders who are strongly committed to serving the interest of everyone. I do not represent special interest or have a personal agenda. A vote for me means a vote for someone who will practice good governance for the common good.

While using the county’s financial resources for the good of everyone, as your Clayton County Supervisor I will maintain a fiscally sound budget. I will be dedicated to wise land use and enhancing our beautiful county, especially in accordance with a new county comprehensive plan. The current plan was developed in 2002 and is outdated.

As a new supervisor, I will prioritize implementation of a fresh comprehensive plan. This land use plan must come from the grass roots and  address the many aspects of life in Clayton County. The plan will address public health, resident well being, especially housing needs, the natural resources, our rich agricultural tradition and importantly the county’s economic interests.

I am currently serving on the County Steering Committee for the formation of this plan, and county residents are encouraged to participate in upcoming public meetings to comment on the proposed plan. The resulting new plan will then be used by county leaders to study and plan future development. This is so important for the people who love life in Clayton County.  I know through good governance and administration of an updated comprehensive plan Clayton County leaders can instill confidence to taxpayers and residents. I will be dedicated to being a good steward of the comprehensive plan.

I look forward to meeting you and learning about issues most important to you. Thank you for your support and your vote. Please feel free to contact me at 563.880.7915 or

Each of us must rededicate ourselves to serving the common good. We are a community. Our individual Fates are linked; our futures intertwined; and if we act in that knowledge and in that spirit together, as the Bible says: “We can move mountains.” … Jimmy Carter

  • Team Jansen
    Team Jansen
  • Big Springs Watershed Appreciation Evening
    Big Springs Watershed Appreciation Evening
  • Joleen and Jim generate clean solar energy to power their home.
    Joleen and Jim generate clean solar energy to power their home.

Election Day
Primary Election Day is Tuesday, June 5th


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