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  1. July 7, 2014 Liberal

    Are you a non-partisan? I know both republicans are up for re-election. Just curious. We hope someone goes up there and reigns in the corruption in this county. We would like to see all three of those stooges replaced.

    • July 10, 2014 admin

      Hi there than you so much for you comment. Yes, I am a Democratic candidate for Clayton County Supervisor. I would very much appreciate you support. I definitely value integrity. As a Clayton County Supervisor you will be able to count on me to tell the truth, work hard at doing the right thing, remain open minded and work hard to make the fairest decision possible. I have served as a board member on the Central Community School Board for nine years. I have enjoyed my time on the school board and working with many personalites. I work hard to gain consensus, but I am not afraid to stand up and fight for what I believe, especially on issues concerning the environment.
      Please feel free to contact me any time regarding your concerns.
      Joleen Jansen

  2. July 12, 2014 Libertarian

    OK, I am not a liberal, but a libertarian. I dislike both parties with a passion and these two parties are not worthy of anyone’s vote as they are in the process of destroying what precious liberties we have left through endless debt, social chaos, corporate welfare, social welfare, socialism, warfare, police state etc. Our debt and current obligations in this county are more than what we take in. The answer will always be an endless rotten idea of raising taxes on everyone. I say get the county out of the business of taxing us on property and privatize (not corporatize) everything as much as we possibly can. In this way, we would be accountable for our own prosperity. The welfare state does a rotten job of caring for people and these people are not the responsibility of the county but of the families and charity. For example, we home school and it costs a about $250 dollars a year plus our time. Our children are a grade ahead of public school counterparts. You cannot educate on a one size fits all philosophy because everyone is different and have different strengths and weaknesses. What is really frustrating is that we pay taxes for this and we are getting nothing since the state has a double standard. It says we don’t discriminate, but the politicians lock home schooler’s out of sports and other social events because we don’t believe the state is sovereign over our affairs so we don’t submit to their “competence tests.” I have always said, if you want to see incompetence just go to any institution run by government and you can experience it!

    I appreciate your frankness and honesty. As far as environment goes, once again government destroys it more than anyone. They subsidize drain tiles, which causes flooding and run off into our streams. They subsidize unsustainable practices, which the free market would have done away with long ago, such as mass production of GMO foods, while regulating small farmers and organic farmers out of business. It’s a mess and there is no cleaning it up until it all collapses and a reset button is pushed. Have a great weekend.

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